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Swiss Collagen Fluid 30ml

Swiss Collagen Fluid 30ml


This Collagen is 96% pure collagen by volume!

While other collagen products say they are pure, most only have a volume purity of 5% to 10%.

No other collagen serum or cream can make a 96% purity by volume claim. This collagen will create softer, smoother skin and decrease the appearance of lines and wrinkles with this pure, potent serum.

Swiss Collagen Fluid is micronized which mimics and allows for bonding to our own skin’s protein. This allows for greater penetration  and maximum results. Doctors and medi-spas are using the Swiss Collagen Fluid after microdermabrasions and peels to re-moisturize skin and aid new cell regeneration.

Helps reduce pore size and normalize oil production in the skin. You can use this extraordinary serum twice daily for baby-soft skin every day.


All skin types!

Regular size 30ml 

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