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Skin Care Tips

Combination Skin

  1. Stick with the basics: The experts suggest cleansing your face 2x daily with a foaming cleanser such as Cloud 9 Cleanser and water. Make sure you use a clean wash cloth each time you cleanse.

  2. Follow the recommendations of dermatologists and shower or bathe in warm rather than steaming-hot water. Hot water can strip your skin of needed moisture, while cold water can shock your skin.  Follow shower with Swiss Collagen Fluid to help balance moisture/oil levels and then moisturize.

  3. Avoid using cleansers that tend to overdry skin: This paradoxically causes your skin to produce even more oil than usual as a reaction to being stripped.

  4. Don't neglect moisturizer: Choose a light, daytime moisturizer (such as Perfect Balance) and make sure to use a sunscreen during the day that won’t clog pores, such as 2-in-1 Sunscreen Defense SPF40 that doubles as a primer.

  5. If you have break-outs make sure you are only touching your face with clean hands. Change your pillowcase more frequently, as a pimple occurs when bacteria interacts with oil in the pore. Use any effective spot-treatment that has salicylic acid or benzyl peroxide to help dry and kill bacteria at the site.  Do not pop or pick at pimples!

Oily Skin

  1. Stick with the basics: The experts suggest cleansing your face two or three times daily with a top-quality foaming cleanser with soothing rather than irritating or drying ingredients. Drying cleansers can actually cause skin to produce even more oil. Pack a pre moistened cleansing pad if you won't be around a water basin throughout the day.

  2. Clean tools: Make sure you use a clean wash cloth each time you cleanse, and a clean pillowcase helps at bedtime.  Clean your makeup brushes and sponges weekly!

  3. Spot Treat: Use a "spot" product on acne break-outs that has salicylic acid or benzyl peroxide to kill bacteria and dry up the infected area.

  4. Add a serum: Swiss Collagen Fluid can be used even on acneic skin to help minimize scarring and irritation without causing further breakouts.  It will actually help your skin retain moisture without adding any oil to the surface.

  5. Non-Comedogenic Sunscreen: (such as 2-in-1 Sunscreen Defense) is a must during sun exposure, as the UV radiation can discolor irritated or broken-out skin. Make sure it is light and sheer so it doesn’t inhibit skin’s breathability.

  6. Hormones, heat and heredity: They all play a part in acneic skin, and you may need the help of a professional to combat this problem. Regular visits to your skin care professional for extraction and exfoliation, along with advice from your dermatologist will help you manage your condition.

Sensitive Skin

  1. Cleanse daily: Look for a cleanser that has soothing, natural ingredients like Cucumber and Taurine, plus low amounts of preservative such as Cloud 9 Cleanser. Stay away from products with fragrance and salicylic or benzyl peroxide.

  2. Hypoallergenic is a term that is used often to describe products with a low degree of allergic tendency, but there is no regulation over the use of this term, so read the labels carefully. Ask questions as often as you need to (see "ask the expert").

  3. UV radiation from the sun and heat can increase sensitivity and are responsible for about 80% of skin’s aging effects. Protect your skin with an SPF of 30 -50 like 2-in-1 Sunscreen Defense.  Higher SPF’s add more chemicals on your face than needed. Wearing a hat and long sleeves can provide additional protection in periods of extended sun exposure.

  4. Test products: Use the inner forearm or behind the ear, where skin is most sensitive. It will tell you within 24 hours if you are having an allergic reaction to a particular product. Make sure you purchase products with a money back guarantee. Swiss Collagen Fluid mimics the collagen found in your own skin, so has almost no chance of irritating even sensitive skin!

  5. Moisturize: Choose a product that has no fragrance or mineral oil and addresses your skin’s level of dryness, without clogging pores or irritating sensitive skin. Perfect Balance Moisturizer and Night Time Skin Restorer have no irritants like Retinol and leave sensitive skin feeling fresh and healthy.

Normal Skin

  1. The experts suggest: Cleanse your face two times daily with a good foaming cleanser and water. Make sure it is not too drying and leaves skin feeling soft and clean, such as Cloud 9 Cleanser.  Regular soap can leave a residue which builds up on the skin, causing pores to clog.

  2. Use only noncomedogenic moisturizers and sunscreen products (this means they're oil-free and won't clog pores). Adjust moisturizers to conditions such as weather (i.e., hot weather, lighter moisturizer) and body changes (age, hormones, etc.).  Skin progresses toward a dry condition as we age and different areas of the face can change with body changes or traumatic illness/injury. Occasional advice from a professional as your skin changes will help you adjust accordingly.

  3. Protect your skin: from the aging effects of the sun. Wear a good sunscreen every day (SPF 40 2-in-1 Sunscreen Defense is ideal), no matter what the weather. Solar UV radiation is responsible for approximately 80-90% of skin's aging, according to the experts. Swiss Collagen Fluid can help diminish the effects of aging from the sun and can be used day and night as your first line of defense- healthy, moist skin!

  4. The eye area is especially delicate and has thinner skin than the rest of the face. Use a special gel or serum moisturizer designed specifically for the eye area, one that feels light and can be applied under eye makeup without creasing or smearing throughout the day. Swiss Collagen Fluid can help your delicate eye area maintain moisture while decreasing puffiness and can be used before any favorite eye area product as well.

Dry Skin

  1. Humidify: During winter months, consider investing in a humidifier and placing it in your bedroom. The additional moisture in the air will help your skin condition improve almost immediately.

  2. Ingest Good Oils: Dry skin is prone to eczema and other skin conditions. A good preventive measure is to add essential oils to your diet like raw organic butter, cod liver oil, Omega-3 eggs, coconut oil, and fresh cold-water fish.

  3. Cleanse your face well: A buildup of dead skin cells can keep beneficial products from being effective and pores can get clogged. Use a gentle foaming, non-drying cleanser (such as Cloud 9 Cleanser) or milky cleanser with water and a cloth once or twice a day. Make sure you wash makeup off at night so your skin can breathe. Exfoliate your skin 1-2x weekly with Microderm Exfoliation Cream to gently remove excess dead skin buildup, allowing better penetration of products.

  4. Add a moisture-drawing serum: (such as Swiss Collagen Fluid) and moisturizer after cleansing your skin. This will help your skin hold more moisture in each skin cell and decrease the need for heavy creams.

  5. In winter, air is drier and you may need to increase the intensity of your moisturizer to protect surface skin. If your skin is tight and dry 5-10 minutes after moisturizing, you can substitute your night cream during the day to compensate.

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